Thursday, April 24, 2014

Awkward Introductions: Part Two

Marpenoth 18, 3167 DR - Year of the Shield

                        Ennor Domandio remained silent, choosing to lean on his staff as he stood in silent appraisal the cleric, Coryn. 
            "Ah, blessed are those that walk in the light of Torm. Well met sirs," the cleric continued greeting and offering the blessings of Torm.
            "Well met good priest. May Torm's protection fall on our caravan today," Justian responded as he secured the rest of his pack and hopped up next to one of the wagon drivers.
            "Religion aside my fellows," Coryn continued, "I am available to succor any and all who follow paths of righteousness. Just so sir just so" Coryn grasped his holy symbol, offering up a prayer to Torm for safe travels. Remenissions bowed his head.

            Haeming looked away from the cleric of Torm, feigning disinterest at every mention of Torm.

            “Bless you, good sir. Bless you." Ennor Domandio as he paid lip service to the god of his companions.
            “Enough with the morning formalities and prayers,” the Captain shouted, interrupting the prayers and conversation of the newcomers. “We got a day’s travel ahead and I wanna make Daggerford by nightfall.”

            Passengers loaded, packs secured, and guards in place the caravan was finally on its way. The sunlight from the rising sun quickly melted the morning frost, and evaporated the water that remained. The dampness that would have kept the dirt from the road down disappeared. The wagon train kicked up dust.  The wooden wheels creaked in a chorus that almost mimicked the birds.

            “Keep an eye out,” the Captain warned his guards, “closer we get to Daggerford, the taller the grass on the plains gets. To the west we got the Lizard Marsh. Lizard men make it their home and they’re not shy about taking on the occasional caravan.”

            The guards acknowledged the captain and once again went back to their idle conversations or vigilante silence. Everyone passes their travel time slightly different. The Captain didn’t mind the quiet conversation as long as everyone pulled their weight when the time came.

            The sun climbed higher into the sky. The sweat from exertion and the stink of the horses all combined into that distinct odor that defined life on a merchant train. The Captain reached down between his feet, searching for some of the pipeweed he had just purchased in Waterdeep. He found his satchel, but the knot was too tight. Handing the reins over to Justian, the Captain leaned over and continued working on the knot.
            His center of gravity started shift, and sensation of a forward tumble made him dizzy. He knew the horses must have come to a stop, and began to curse the gods for his foolishness as he knew he would soon end up head first on the dirt road in front of the wagon. His cursing interrupted by the strong grip of Justian, as the warrior stopped the Captain from his forward fall

            The Captain turned to thank his rescuer, but stopped when the thought occurred to him. What had made the horses stop? 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Awkward Introductions

Marpenoth 18, 3167 DR - Year of the Shield

            Danning Clothspin, also known as the Captain, has travelled the Trade way for years. From spring to fall he travels north and south going as far south as Calimport and as North as Neverwinter.  The cold was beginning to set in. In less than a month’s time winter would arrive and Danning was doing his best to make one last drive south.  

            As usual the caravan had picked up strays. Travelers heading to the different parts of Faerun, and who understood that safety lay in numbers.  While Waterdeep did its best to patrol the segment north of Daggerford bandits were still known to prey on poorly guarded caravans and lone travelers. They would often crouch down in the tall grasses that lined the edges of most of the roads.  It was this portion of the Trade Way that Danning Clothspin pushed his caravan down, hoping to make to Daggerford with as little trouble as possible.

            His current group of strays consisted of the usual, passengers and hire-on guards. One way travelers most of whom he would lose in Daggerford, and forcing him to find more guards in order to continue south in safety. 

            His current hire-on caravan guards were an odd assembly of races and professions: Justian, a warrior and true to his word. Coryn, a cleric of Torm. Ennor Domandio, elven Conjurer,  Remenissions, a true paladin of Torm, and Haeming, Skald of the Moonshae Isles.
It was still early in the day and the chill in the air turned the morning dew to frost, glazing the tall grass in a shiny coating of white. As the sun rose, cresting over hills and distant mountains, the frost melted leaving a cold and wet dew on the tall grass. The caravan broke camp. They still had a day left of travels as the headed southward.

            Until recently the group had mostly been quiet, but now it seems they had all grown comfortable enough to become talkative.
            Coryn, the cleric of Torm, stood up from his morning ritual of prayer and meditation. He put away his idol of Tom, adjusted his leather armor and walked over to the second wagon, taking his place beside it.
"Any followers of Torm with the group? Not to push mine own beliefs, but I am a priest after all." Coryn asked as he watched everyone take their places as guards and passengers.

            "Why yes there are." Remenissions answered him. The Captain looked over at Remenissions. The human wore a curved scabbard at the hip, and hide armor. Draped loosely over the hide armor he wore a tabard emblazoned with a golden winged lion. Pressed to Remenission’s back was a large shield as well as an unusually large hammer.

            The Captain shook his head, a man geared for war was not uncommon, neither were followers of Torm, especially since the Time of Troubles. But this man seemed different than most. The Captain saw nobility in him, as well as sadness. 

            His newest hires were still gathering, not used to the immediacy that the road usually required. The Captain let them take their time. If any of them were wannabe adventurers they would soon learn the harsh lessens travel would teach.