Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Deal?

Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield
            The paladin could see Haeming inching forward from the corner of his eye. "Hold skald. Redeye, come to me."

            Redeye glared at the paladin. His reptilian jaw set firm. Off to the side one of the smaller lizard men jabbered at the shaman. Its language a series of low growls, hisses, and clicks. Redeye nodded.

            Remenissions shifted his shoulders uncomfortably. He knew he was not as unarmed as he appeared. His massive warhammer in a baldric strapped to his back. The paladin bent his knees slightly ready to either attack or retreat. 

            Redeye stepped forward, “what do you want from me human? If you want Blue Feathers, continue search. We have no love for them, and their causing of problems. But how do I know you not lie?”

            Remenissions closed his eyes, feeling for that spark of bliss. He felt it; he felt that connection with his god that not even a cleric could feel. Remenissions opened his eyes and relaxed. He sensed no evil intent from this creature. “Thank you, Redeye. I believe you mean us no harm.”

            Dorians sighed deeply. “You say you're also enemies of these Blue Feathers? Would you be interested in helping put an end to them?”

            Justian pulled “Coryn, do you still have those belts and baldrics from the fight at the noble house?”

            “Indeed I do,” Coryn shouldered off his leather back pack and pulled out the baldrics scavenged from the Cromm Estate. One by one he laid them on the water soaked ground for Redeye to see. The lizard man shaman stepped forward and nodded his satisfaction.

            The rain changed from a down pour to a light drizzle.

            Dorian strapped his bow across his back, resting his hands on the hilts of his swords.. ”Anything you could tell us about these Blue Feathers would be useful.”
            “Yes,” Justian nodded his agreement. Sheets of water fell off his cloaked head. “We want to know the location of the Blue Feather's camp. Redeye, do you by chance know where this other tribe is located?”

            Redeye walked forward, squatting next to the blue feathers and leather baldrics, the soft sound of his footsteps barely masked by the lightly falling rain. “We cannot afford war with Blue Feathers, but continue on. You are close. Should you destroy them, kill their leader. I help you return home.”

            “Do you know the strength in numbers of this other tribe?” Justian asked, backing away slightly from Redeye.
            Remenissions snorted, “that does not matter.”
            “It matters only in the strategy,” Justian countered.

            “Their numbers appear to be greatly depleted,” Dorian glared at the reckless paladin. “We found a number of their corpses on our way here. Now may be the best time to strike.”
            Haeming rolled his shoulders, staring at the shaman: "what would stop them from attacking our backs when we move on?"

            Remenissions picks up his scimitar and sheathed it, “they won't. This I know.”

            “We wish no trouble humans,” Redeye croaked, “We only wish to live.”

            “I trust Rem's judgment.” Justian checked his bag for any leaks. The contents were still mostly dry. The young warrior had all but forgotten his earlier suspicions. “Redeye, you have parlayed. I leave you in peace.”

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Marpenoth 19, 3167 DR - Year of the Shield

            The lizard men made no attempt to hide themselves. Not even the rain obscured their seven foot tall forms. The largest of the lizard, grey scaled and topping out at nearly eight feet, raised its hands and walk toward the fellows.

            "May the blessings of Torm be upon us," Coryn prayed as he stepped toward the approaching lizard man.

            Dorian stepped forward, following the cleric's lead.

            "What do you want?" Dorian asked aloud as he counted his potential foes. He grimaced as he went over the odds of surviving the coming fight. Not good. Not good at all. Would being food for a lizard man hurt? Would they kill them all first or prefer to keep them alive so they stay fresh?

            "Do you wish to parlay?” Justian asked. “Can you understand me, creature?"

            Remenissions cocked his head at sight a lizard man holding up its hands. It almost seemed civilized.  The paladin unstrapped his shield slowly, using the other fellows as cover. If they were attacked, he would not be caught off guard.
            "I is Redeye," it said, nodding , "I is Shaman. Why is you here?" Its tongue lingered on the softer syllables, drawing each word out.

            "A noble's house was attacked not far outside this swamp," Dorian explained. "An attack by your kind. We came to investigate, following the baron who came before us. We've already found the remains of a battle with him. I presume you would be the victors."

            "Noble? What noble? Someone attack humans?" Redeye looked over at his band.

            "You were unaware?" Dorian asked

            "We have not to do with humans!" Redeye hissed.

             "We come to find the camp of the monsters who attacked our noble," Justian said, pulling out the blue feathers from the attack on the caravan.

            "BLUE FEATHERS!" Redeye growled.

            "You recognize this?" Justian asked. "These feathers were found on the bodies of the lizard men who attacked both our caravan and our noble."

            "You hunt the Blue Feathers, then friends of ours you be," Redeye said.

            "Do you know where those who wear these feathers have their camp?" Justian could feel himself relax. The tension leaving his shoulder as it became clear they would avoid this conflict at least. The young warrior couldn't see all the lizard men through the rain, but he knew he that there were enough.

            "Let's cut the need for wondering here," Remenissions said. The paladin stepped forward, placing himself between the lizard men and the fellows. Scimitar in one hand and shield in the other, Remenissions tossed them both to the ground behind him. The steel splattered mud on to Dorian and Coryn. Remenissions stood before the tallest lizard man any of them had ever seen. No weapon easily at hand. "If you say you are also an enemy of the ones we seek then come closer to me. Come to me Redeye I would know the truth."

            Justian watched the paladin, the young warrior’s eyes wide and his mouth hung open. He only looked away once as the rain stung and blurred his vision.

            Dorian relaxed his bow; he had no desire to provoke them.

            Haeming seemed eager to provoke Redeye and his tribe. The skald's blade was bare, his fist and jaw clenched.