Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

            A lizard man to Haeming’s right looked at the javelin, then at the skald. It turned to flee. Haeming leapt to cut off the creatures escape, meeting it face to face, "do not turn your back on me creature!"

            The lizard man swung its club at the skald. Haeming lunged forward under its arm, piercing scaled flesh and hard muscle. The lizard man crumpled into a ball of pain and slow death as Haeming ran to find another foe.

            It didn’t take the skald long. The larger of the lizard men gladly engaged Haeming, trading blow for blow. Hitting Haeming’s shield and dodging the skald’s numerous attacks. Haeming held up his shield, meeting the lizard man’s club, and sliding his own blade underneath, scoring the lizard man in the stomach. The creature howled its pain and frustration. Haeming closed in, pushing his shield forward again.

With stabs, thrusts, and parries Haeming could feel his sword arm growing weaker. Haeming’s resolve waivered slightly, unsure if he would be able to make it past the lizard man’s defenses once more. Until he saw it. That golden spot. The place where he could slide his blade in, and slide it in deep. Haeming lunged forward and pierced its heart.         

Javelins continued to fly from atop the massive rock. Justian screamed as one scraped along his side, its sharp point cutting a gash through his chainmail, his stained tabard, and his skin.

            Justian’s closest foe took the opportunity to strike, swinging its club at the young warrior’s head. Justian saw the move through his haze of pain and blood, stepping away in time for the blow to land squarely on his shield. His body rattled and he felt his knees almost give out.

            Another javelin fell from the sky. Justian could hear the sound it made as it cut through the air. The young warrior braced himself for the worse. The javelin pierced flesh. The flesh of his enemy as the javelin missed the young warrior, goring the lizard man. The lizard yelled something in its native tongue at its compatriot on the rock.

            Coryn glanced over as he saw Justian taking the worse of the attack from the rock, “Hold on kid.” Justian mumbled as he engaged another lizard man, this one refusing to die as quickly as the first.

            Dorian let free two more arrows at the lizard man atop the rock, desperately hoping to end the attacks from above. One flew too high going over the creature s head, the other embedded itself in the massive rock the lizard man was perched upon.

            Haeming bent down, ignoring the screaming pain in his arms and cracked ribs. Using the hide of the lizard man he had just killed to clean his blade.  The skald looked up. Something was different. The tone of the battle had changed.  Two lizard men ran into the deep waters of the swamp, followed closely by three more. All the fellows but Dorian follow the creatures to the edge of the dry clearing.

Remenissions swung his hammer down on the lizard man nearest him as it tried to run off. Smashing its tail as it too squirmed off in to the fetid water of the swamp. The fellows ran to the edge of the clearing, but they were too late. The lizard men were lost to the depths of the swamp.