Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

Coryn was eager to be off. The darkness of the swamp seem to spread to his companions, and he was not sure how long it would be until Remenissions and Dorian came to blows, “Shall we be off then fellows?”

Dorian replaced his backpack and shield, “we may be able to retrieve some of the corpses.”

Redeye shook his head, "the corpses you seek are gone. The creatures of swamp leave little to waste. Even the dead."

“Aye, that is so,” Justian said. “Well then there is nothing for it but to return to the horses.”

Coryn sighed once more, “Then we would like to accept your gracious offer Redeye.”

“Yes,” Justian agreed, shaking his head. “Please lead the way, good Shaman.”

Redeye flicked his tongue, “when you are all ready.”

The gathered there things and checked over the body one last time. Dorian searched in vain for any surviving arrows. None noticed as Remenissions walked closer to Haeming and stared directly into the skalds eyes.

“Coryn, Justian, Dorian. Know that trick I did on Redeye earlier?” Remenissions asked his gaze never breaking with Haeming

The fellows answered in the affirmative, all save Haeming.

Remenissions extended an open hand to Haeming, looked down at his hand then back to the skald. “Now.”

Haeming sighed, "What you think they are going to use it for? For their own good?  To gain control of the swamps? And when the swamps aren't enough, where do they turn next? The villages."

 “Are you saying you have the amulet, Haeming?” Justian asked.

Remenissions looked to Redeye.
“The Baron's ring is the amulet?” Coryn asked.

Redeye shook his shook his head, “They are two separate items.”

 “Really? Right now?” A vein bulged from Dorian’s forehead. “Can we get out of the swamp first before we have another stlarning argument?”

Coryn once more felt sick, “Not from what I have gathered.”

 “What do you plan to do with the power it holds, Haeming?: Justian’s voice quivered and shook as he spoke.

Remenissions looked back to Haeming.

Haeming glared at Justian, "Exactly nothing. Why would I want to be able to control something that lives here?"

            “I do not know,” Justian admitted, “but then, we have only met just today. I will not bring arms against you, but I will surely tell the Commander that you possess this power. For all I know, a man that wants the power to control terrible things wants to use such power. However, if you are afraid the town would use it, let us destroy it.”

Haeming sighed, rolled his eyes and pulled a pouch off of his belt.

Remenissions looked down at his hand then back at Haeming again.

The pouch untied, Haeming reached into it and pulled out the amulet.

The paladin reached over and snatched the amulet form Haeming’s hand and walked to the lizard man shaman. His icy stare the same for friend and potential foe alike.

 "The blood of the villagers is in your hands,” Haeming spat, “but know that it will be a day of joy for my god."

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Amulet

Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

“I too find this strange,” Justian nodded in agreement. “Perhaps there is a hidden cache here. Is it moveable? Perhaps it is a standing stone. Is there an inscription on it?””

Dorian scratched his chin, “Maybe they moved it here. We can try to push it over I suppose.”

Dorian walked over to check, pushing Remenissions aside.

“If you can move over twelve hundred cubic foot of rock then I want to see your belt of storm giant strength,” Remenissions snorted.

“Perhaps it was a storm giant that placed this rock here,” Justian said. “It is a good thing he soon left.”

Coryn shook his head, smiling at the young warriors leaps of speculation. He moved aside Justian’s chainmail and tabard, quickly binding any gashes, and treating minor wounds with the salves form his belt pouch. Justian thanked the cleric and the two turned their attention to the rock, Dorian, and Remenissions.

Dorian shrugged as he stepped away from the rock, ignoring glares form the nearby paladin. “I don't see how it's important. It's just a rock.”

 “Worth a competent search,” Remenissions said. “You really expect that no valuables were on ANY of those soldiers?”

Dorian turned to face the paladin, “What does it look like I'm doing?”

            “I detect no magic in this area other than that on the Baron's Ring in Haeming’s possession,” Coryn offered.

            The fellows tensed and hands went to weapons as they heard sloshing from the nearby water. A head broke the surface of the water as the light mist of the swamp once more turned to a harder rain.

             “What is this?” Justian blurted.

“Really gecko-brains?” Remenissions said as he hefted his two handed warhammer.

Coryn placed a hand on Remenissions, and waved another at the approaching lizard man, “Hail, Redeye.”

“Thought it was one of the ones that got away.” Remenissions said as he swung his hammer across his back.

Redeye flicked his tongue toward the fellows, “You have done all that I have asked.”

“There were a few survivors,” Dorian nodded, “we didn't get them all, but we got most of them.”

“The leader is dead.” Redeye hissed. “I don't suppose you found his amulet?”

 “Was there an amulet?” Dorian asked as one by one the fellows turned toward Haeming.

 “We did not, Shaman,” Justian admitted.

"On the leader?” Haeming shook his head, “only found the ring we needed."

Remenissions narrowed his eyes, “Haeming.”

“The leader had an amulet,” Redeye explained, “It brought the giant creatures under his control. That is too bad you have not found it. I truly want that vile thing gone from my swamp. We need no more items for the tribes to fight over.”

 “I see,” Justian replied. “Then we must recover it, as whoever has it now is still a threat to our people.”

“HAEMING!” Remenissions snapped.

Haeming looked Remenissions in the eye, "would I lie to you?"

Remenissions squinted, staring back at Haeming, ever so quietly the paladin chanted.

 “When you wish to leave the swamp,’ Redeye continued, “my people will return you to where you left your horses.”

“Thank you, Shaman, that is very gracious of you,” Justian replied. “We will continue to search for this amulet.”