Monday, August 17, 2015

Lack of Heirs

Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

“Here,” Coryn said as he gently clasped her hand over the ring they had recovered. “I hope this memento might bring ye some solace, and here is your house idol which we found earlier this day.”
 Before their eyes she seemed to age decades. All strength and apparent sense of purpose left her eyes as her shoulders drooped, "why did he have to chase after them? Our son was lost in the raid, and now I no longer have him."
  “I am deeply saddened by your loss madam,” Coryn gently placed his hand on her shoulder. She felt frail, much frailer than he had expected.
  “He was trying to right a wrong done by another,” Remenissions replied his voice far softer and gentle than any of the fellows had heard before.
 “Our sympathies to you and yours,” Coryn said, squeezing her shoulder slightly. “Is there anything we might be able to perform for you to aid your woes?”
              Baroness Cromm nodded as she clasped the idol and handed back the ring, “It is of no use to me. My husband has no living heirs, when I die the estate will go to a distant relation of mine. The signet ring means nothing now, and is only useful as a magical trinket.”
            “Very well milady,” Coryn said, “we shall keep in their remembrance.”
             “Do the laws of this land not permit a female Baroness?” Remenissions interrupted.
             “There are not many laws in this land,” she replied, tears streaked her soot stained face, “but I am too old for more children. When I die this hold shall pass to my family from another barony only to be added to their lands.”
              Remenissions nodded, “I see. Is there anything else we can do to help you madam?”
 “When you arrive back in Daggerford tell Dervil Ironeater I have need of his family's services.”
 “Okay. We will,” Remenissions promised.
 “Dervil Ironeater,” Coryn agreed, “it shall be done.”
The cleric turned to leave and was surprised to see Dorian no longer beside him, but was rather leaning against one of the few stable walls. He stared at a plain gold ring that was tarnished and slightly green with age. The ranger looked up from his ring and stared at Coryn. Stuffing the ring in a pouch, the ranger walked over to joined Coryn and Remenissions.
 "I have one last thing,” the Baroness said, her voice cracking.
 Coryn turned back around.
 Reaching into her bodice she pulled out five small pouches, “One hundred gold lions. They keep their value even outside of Cormyr.”
             From the corner of his eye Coryn could see Dorian hesitate before taking the gold.
           “My lady,” the ranger spoke as though his mind were elsewhere, “if it's any consolation I know how it feels.”
             Justian and Haeming stepped forward, each taking a small pouch.
            "If you had not come when you had, I would have lived a lifetime wondering what happened to him.” Baroness Cromm smiled, though Coryn could tell it was a forced smile as she nodded to Dorian.  Her eyes were damp and shined in the sunlight that that lit the broken courtyard. 

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