Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Second Meeting with Sherlen

Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

            With nary a wave farewell Remenissions mounted his horse and galloped south, around the swamp, and toward where the Sword Coast met the sea.

 “I have had enough of him,” Justian commented as they watched the paladin’s form grow smaller in the distance.

 “Aye,” Coryn nodded, “shall we be off then?”

Justian: “Yes,” Justian remounted, “Let us return to town.”

 “As fast as humanly possible at that,” Dorian stated. None disagreed.

The fellows galloped along the paths and the road back to Daggerford. Coryn feared for their horse safety but his desire to leave the swamp and its darkness behind outweighed any chance of him bidding his fellows to sow down.

Forced to slow to a trot as they entered the fortified town, the guards did not try to stop them. Only the mass of people going about their lives prevented them from pushing their horses faster as they made their way to the barracks. 

            When at last they arrived at the barracks, they found the commander glaring at them. She had been waiting for them on parade grounds next to the barracks and did not speak until all three dismounted and stood  before her, “What happened?”

“Commander,” Justian said after removing his helm, “We encountered the monsters who attacked the Cromm’s Hold.” The young warrior pulled out several blue feathers, holding them out for Sherlen to take.

Sherlen narrowed her eyes, looking at the feathers, her arms folded across her chest.

“These were taken from a tribe of Lizard Men,” Justian continued, his voice shaking, “they had begun to mobilize in the swamp close to the estate.”

“The Baron's estate was left in ruins,” Dorian added, “and the Baron himself was slain pursuing the attackers.”

Haeming leaned against a nearby wall.

“They had in their possession a magical item that controlled the monsters of the swamp,” Justian said, holding out his piece of the amulet.

 The Commander nodded as she stared at the remains of the amulet, "What happened to the item?"

Dorian interrupted, giving the bashful Justian a measure of relief, “another group of lizard men led by one named Redeye looking to keep the peace in the swamp aided us in locating the perpetrators. What few that escaped us are scattered, injured, and unlikely to be a further threat.”

“We killed the tribe’s leader, recovered the cursed thing, and smashed it.” Justian added, regaining a measure of composure, though his face was still flush. “Some of this Blue Feather Tribe escaped into the swamp. The noble's house is a loss I am afraid. And both its Lord and his Heir have been murdered by the Blue Feather Tribe”

Sherlen took the piece of amulet from the quaking hand of Justian, and sighed, "And there is one less of you, and his horse is gone as well."

“He'll be back,” Dorian replied with a sigh of his own. “He has a penchant for wandering off on his own. Amongst other things.”

“Well, we split up the amulet's remains,” Justian explained, “our missing member felt the need to toss his piece into the ocean. You have mine.”

 “Other things?” Sherlen turned her icy stare full force onto Dorian, “I have little time for silly riddles, and cryptic remarks.”

 “It's irrelevant,” Dorian apologized.

“Then don't annoy me with irrelevant details,” She snapped as she held Justian’s piece up for closer inspection, “this is part of a tooth of a ceratosaur.”

“We ran into one of those,” Dorian said. “Fearsome things.”

 “Yes, indeed.” Justian nodded.  “The swamp is filled with these ceratosaur. And that amulet controlled them.”

“The Baron ran into them too. He put up quite a fight,” Dorian continued, “took an arm off one, slew another.”

 “The Blue Feather Tribe used those beasts to murder the Lord himself in the swamp where he rode to avenge the death of his son,” Justian added.

Sherlen reached into a small leather pouch on her belt, and gave each of the fellows a small pile of coins. “And now he is dead just the same, and I will have to break more bad news to the Duke.”

Haeming stepped forward and pocketed his coins before stepping back to lean against the wall of the b arracks once more.

 “It is a black day,” Justian said. Justian grabbed the badge from his tabard and handed it back to Sherlen only to have Sherlen wave him off. 

“Keep them. I may have use for you yet.”

 “Alright,” Dorian grunted.

“More bad news?” Coryn asked.

            “Yes,” Sherlen replied.

 “Is that so?” Justian asked as he placed his badge once more on his chest, “Has something happened while we were away?”

“Yes, what needs might ye be havin?” The cleric was eager to get to more work. The murder in the swamp made him feel dirty, as though he had participated in some dark and vile affair instead of just being a bystander.

Sherlen declined to say more, “Find an inn and get cleaned up. Take a day off. Daggerford is not large, I will find you if I need you.”

Justian nodded, “As you wish, Commander. Good cleric, let us find Ironeater.”

“Very well,” Coryn nodded and yawned, “and that signifies a rest is much needed. Commander Spearslayer, might I enquire as to the whereabouts of a Dervil Ironeater?”

This is a brief look at their first meeting before the swamp.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Amulets and Hammers

Marpenoth 19, 1367 DR - Year of the Shield

Coryn tied the small pouch to his belt, “Many thanks milady, I only wish we could have been faster.”

 “Yes, thank you milady,” Remenissions agreed.

Baroness Cromm nodded, her body waivered but her feet remained planted on the ground.  One by one the fellows bowed their heads and turned back to their waiting horses. Haeming sat atop his, having returned to it the moment after he received his pay.

            Remenissions checked over his gear while staring at Haeming, as the other fellows climbed back into their saddles. 

Justian checked his jaw movement after once more donning his helmet, “Cleric, have you an idea what that ring does?”

Coryn shifted in his saddle, “It is magical and that is the extent to which my skills allow.”

“Haeming might know something about it,” Remenissions sneered as he climbed up onto his dappled grey stallion.

Haeming shook his head and shrugged, "my knowledge is limited to weapons and armor, mostly."

“We should take it to a sage in Daggerford,” Justian offered, “perhaps we can learn more there.”

“Indeed,” Coryn agreed, “shall we be off to report in and then speak with Ironeater?”

 “Aye,” Dorian replied, turning his steed back toward town.

“Go to town if you wish,” Remenissions snarled, “I'm going to destroy this thing and toss it in the ocean. Anyone that wants to come with is more than welcome.”

            Dorian looked behind back toward the paladin, “Pass.”

 “Remenissions,” Justian trotted his horse near the paladin, “only the amulet needs to be destroyed, not the ring.”

Remenissions stared at the young warrior while he flipped the amulet around his finger by its chain.

"I have better things to do than ride hours to the ocean,” Haeming replied.

“I agree with not going to the ocean,” Justian nodded towards Haeming, “I think we should destroy it here and now.”

 “I'm with Justian,” Dorian said.

 “And do what with the pieces?” The paladin asked.

"Who knows,” Haeming once more shrugged, and glanced at Remenissions, “you might just pocket it without us knowing."

Remenissions looks at Haeming, wide-eyed, “I am a paladin of the Order of the-” the paladin cut himself off midsentence and sighed, “fine.”

“Order of the Assassins of the Helpless,” Justian scoffed.

Dorian laughed, “That's pretty good, kid.”

Justian smiled, his face turning stark red, “Once smashed we can all take possession of a piece of the remains and dispose of it how we like. As long as I know my piece went into the town forge, I will be satisfied.”

Remenissions dismounted and walked to a nearby slab of broken masonry, setting the amulet on top of it. With a fluid motion born of discipline and practice the paladin removed the warhammer from his back baldric and smashed the amulet, cracking it into four pieces.   

One by one the fellows dismounted and took a piece off the slab, all kept their eyes on Remenissions.

 “Now if you fools will excuse me,” Remenissions snarled, “I will meet back with you in Daggerford.”

Remenissions leaves the party, again.